How to get best GRAPHICS CARD in 2019 in India

amd readon rx 550 akkymob

If You’re looking for a best gaming graphics card for “super cheap Price"Budget range "Mid Range"and “High Range” Graphics Card
1080p , 1440p,Ultrawide or 4K is covered ay every budget, akkymob has Explains.

Super cheap Price :-

Galax GT 1030 :- 2GB DDR5 64 bit Directx 12 , HDMI 3.0
GeForce GT 1030 is accelerates  your pc experiance.
Pascal GP 108 GPU | 1252 MHz Core Clock |384 Cuda Cores.

1030Galax GT 1030 Price Rs. 5899/-

Radeon RX 550 : (2GB versions are either costlier or non available than 4GB versions) GPU Model Lexa PRO (Polaris 12/LEXA/23) Base Clock 1100 MHz
Boost Clock 1183 MHz
Launch Price see more 4 GB Version

amd readon rx 550  akkymob

Radeon RX 550



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