PUBG Mobile Season 8 Royale Pass, Update Brings New PP-19 Gun, and More

pubg seasion 8 comming soon

The new PUBG mobile update closes Season 7 and Season 8 joins the Royal Pass with several upgrades in the season. The full Season 8 outfit will be available as soon as the player reaches the Gold Tier. On the other hand, Season 8 Royale passes the new Ocean-themed organization according to the recently leaked prophecy, and also adds a new Friend Requests feature to ask players to ask their friends for Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus. Allows is.

The PUBG Mobile v0.13.5 update is here and it brings a ton change, one of them is the new weapon, the HDR mode, Ocean-themed organization for the Season 8 Royal Pass, the new display effect and more. Patch notes are now live for the latest updates and it has started around the world. PUBG mobile updates, bug fixes and some details about the new events that are to come at the end of this month have been presented. Players updating the game before July 22 will get Parachute Trail 1 and 1,888BP as prizes

This pubg version 0.13.5 update is 181 MB size for iOS devices and 158MB on Android. In-game update notice states that the new version will be launched from July 16. Starting with the new game elements v0.13.5 update, a sub-machine gun named PP-19 has been added to the game. It takes 9 mm of ammunition and has an oversized magazine which packs 53 rounds. The PP-19 will be dropped into the Arangel and Vecidea maps, and can be combined with all types of scopes, while the fire rate is similar to an UMP.

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